AQ - General Purpose 多功能滅菌配方 - GP200 - 230ml Spray


AQ - General Purpose 多功能滅菌配方 - GP200 - 230ml Spray
AQ - General Purpose - GP200 - 230ml Spray
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l  直接噴於空氣、手部、皮膚、患處、傷口、口罩及任何日用品,亦可噴於水果、免沖洗

l  99.999%迅速殺菌、消毒、止癢、除臭、除煙味、防止交叉感染

l  適用於因細菌病毒及真菌引起的傷風感冒、鼻敏、咳喘、灰甲、香港腳、婦科炎症、手足口、痱滋、喉嚨發炎、牙痛、暗瘡、粉刺等問題

l  驅趕蚊蟲,有效中和蚊子的唾液並消腫止癢

l  每次於空氣噴灑1次有效範圍約6-10平方呎,維持2-4小時

l  建議每日使用3-4次,可因應需要增加用量,天然產品,多用無妨


A sustainable eco-friendly bio product designed to effectively purify the indoor environment and tackle various common health related problems caused by bacteria, fungi and viruses. Its complex bio-structure makes it very difficult for bacteria and viruses to engage any effective decoding and therefore unlikely to develop resistance.

l  Spray directly to air, on hands, infected skin and wounded areas, facemasks and any daily utensils, even fruits, totally rinse-free

l  99.999% germ killing efficacy, disinfection, itchiness relief,  deodorization, removal of cigarette smell and reduction of cross infections

l  For colds, nasal allergy, asthmatic symptoms, onychomycosis, athlete's foot, gynecological diseases, wounds, hand foot mouth, canker sore, throat inflammation, toothache and acne caused by microbes

l  Effectively neutralizing mosquito bites for quick relief and can be use as insect repellent

l  Each spray is effective for around 6-10 ft² in 2-4 hours

l  Use 3-4 times daily, increase quantity and frequency of use when needed



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